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Star Stable is an AMAZING game!

Star Stable is a virtual world with horses you can care for and train. This game allows players to make friends and socialize with girls from around the world along with the part of having your own virtual horses.

The game is really fun and has a lot to do with responsibility and to enjoy a game a lot of players love and play for fun. The quests are very exciting and ominous and often are cliff hangers to where you have to wait and do the quest the next day. Most time not spend on quests could be spent racing and training your horses or doing really fun things with your friends. You can even do random stuff like exploring, doing jobs for in-game money, going to a disco, beating high scores in races and create roles (like playing house in a way, but with different scenarios that involve horses). You can even play wild horse role-play!

The LegendEdit

The legend says that Jorvik once was a lifeless rock in the middle of a dark and cold ocean until the day a star fell from the sky.
From the impact of the star emerged a girl on a horse, shining from within with a glowing light. Majestically she rode across the surface of the ocean and her presence calmed the rough waters.. In her right hand she held a shining candle.
The girl and her horse reached the middle of the dead island and placed the candle. Light and life spread from that single flame and what once was cold and dark bloomed with light and warmth.
Jorvik has always had a unique bond with the horses that live on the island. Some people say that horses are the soul of the island.
The legend tells us that in a time of despair and darkness a girl on a horse will return to bring light and hope to those who think everything is lost…

Will you be that girl?


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